Saturday, June 27, 2009

Thing 14: Delicious

Computer acting crazy and ya don't wanna lose your bookmarks? Try delicious! It's portable and also has a lovely firefox add-on so you can tag as you go. I'm a fan anyways.

nt23 says: Please make a post on your blog about your experiences with Delicious. Post a link to your Delicious page within your blog post.

I utilize delicious a lot--I've imported many of my bookmarks and it saves a lot of time. I add tags but try to use some common ones as well. Only hard part is signing in (not really hard) but you can stay signed in. A while back I created a separate delicious account for the academic queue of our virtual reference consortia. It is a good way to share sources with colleagues. I also enjoy viewing or adding bookmarks from people in my "network" too :)

My delicious account:

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