Saturday, April 4, 2009

ACRL conference

Finally got back from TLA today, but before that my invisible readers, some thoughts on ACRL.
Un-deep thoughts:
1.Very vegetarian roommate Annie and I ate far to much (in our defense, it's often a matter of waiting for 3 hours for a plate of french fries, hoo-ah! We live in..uh..texas :)
2. Kid in a candy store affect: lots of academic programs at a academic library conference = fun!
3. Green conference: bambo plates are pretty cool, and I use my corn plastic cup all the time
4. Seattle seemed friendly, lovely and well caffinated (my kinda town)
5. Librarians party in the most peculiar/frightening way. Booze and karaoke = odd dreams

Ok, gimme a break. This is my 1st blog post. Who am I talking to? Enjoy the pictures 2 come!

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