Saturday, April 4, 2009

ACRL conference part deux

Scholarly thoughts on ACRL.... Some highlights
1. "Reinventing Research Guides: Libguides at Two Universities"
LibGuides was all the rage this presenter actually noted over 7 .
I actually asked my first conference question (panic!): How do you get people excited about the Align Leftresearch guides and asked if he had any thoughts to share about standardization. Mainly addressed the 1st point, noting that for some people it's an obsession (2 am question about it) and for others they grumble. At UNT we have a homegrown version (they did a nice job but off campus edits are a no no) However pretty much myself and another college who created the manual and offered to do missing guides. As for standardization, I looked at other guides but based suggestions on what I felt worked for He didn't have tips, but that's probably because they are working on standardization(see ppt). Nice presentation. Really want to learn more on this to learn how other academic libraries are dealing with the need for standardization without suppressing creativity (for those who care). We shall toil on. Thoughts/suggestions/empathy groans?

2. "If You Build it, Will They Care? Tracking Student Receptivity to Emerging Library Technologies"
An actual look at what students are using at prefer with the note that results are local? Brilliant. I'm part of a ETG group, and I always try to advocate practical technologies at work.The best news was that they really like the Firefox toolbar, b/c my colleague is a pro at this (see UNT firefox toolbar page . The most hilarious statement was the Twitter stats (stats can be funny) "only people on twitter are librarians" Phew said many a librarian. Okay the facebook sync is cool as is the tinyurl but I'm thinking yeah. Let's discuss examples of use people. . Share collegues share! Nothing is really one size fits all...

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