Saturday, April 4, 2009

Texas Library Association Conference 2009

Rather glad to be home (no offense former home town Houston). Worked on the program committee and presented twice("Chat and You, then Breaching the distance"). So..very...tired.
I'm pretty sure that the wonderful TLA exec director Pat Smith does not sleep (I have insomnia tendencies but why was she working past midnight!) and the TLA staff worked hard!

Got tips at the LibrarianInBlack session (yes she really wears black, don't ask her) but I really hope managers were in the audience. We are having de-clutter week at our library which should enable us to put these tips into practice. (Inbox you're not the boss of me!)

Unfortunately, that meant I missed Pat Wolfe. I met her for a moment and she just seemed very gracious and centered. My TLA roomate helped organize her session, and she said people left feeling trasformed. Tied brain research to health and education/teaching. Neat lady.

Bad week for 4get my vitamins. Didn't see a lot of sessions, but found the ones I attended worthwhile. Plus we may have found next year's Denton Reads pick. Shhhhh :)

Um did I mention GLORIA STEINEM was at TLAthere?
In honor of the teens that arrived for Gaming Night...OMG!!!!
They should just disband Mensa and clone this 75 year old woman. (too much?)

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