Saturday, June 27, 2009

Thing 16: LibraryThing

nt23 things says: "For Thing 16, go to and sign up for a free account. Add a few books from your home library, and tag them with appropriate keywords."

My LibraryThing account is:
Surprised, UNT Willis Library didn't exist, I added the "venue"
I was hoping it was in the local tab but I will have to tell our LibraryThing affecionado.

The LibraryThing blog is one of the best tool specific blogs. I'm not a cataloger, but the mission is noble to me. Kudos!

From the famous group,, I clicked on completed libraries, then Susan B. Antony---impressive! Oh the power of LibraryThing!

The UNT hands-on workshops for 23 T are done. Luckily, a student assistant extraordinaire was a pro on library thing. I just got started on Library Thing. Note the neat widget!

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