Saturday, June 27, 2009

Thing 17: LibWorm

If you sign up for an account you can e-mail links and save clippings, but a quick search of LibWorm yields some helpful results. Ex. Virtual Reference.

nt23 says:
Try doing a Phrase search using the name of your library. What did you find?

search for University of North Texas Libraries :
The first result was actually about UNT and TWU participants in the North Texas 23 team:

North Texas 23: A Roundup of Web 2.0 Technology!: Thing 14: Delicious email this article save this article to My Clippings
-Shaun Seibel, University of North Texas Libraries -Lilly Ramin, University of North Texas Libraries -Greg Hardin, Texas Woman's University Libraries
Source: pligg - all - June 23, 2009 Tags: Public Libraries
Other entries included posts from tame the web and our government document digital collection. The phrase without quotes appears to alternate between finding the phrase and the components as a keyword.

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