Friday, August 14, 2009

Thing 21: Podcasts

REVIEWS: (Lot to do this week for NT23!)
nt23Q: 1For Thing 21, listen to a few library podcasts, and write about them in your blog. How was the audio quality? Were they interesting enough to make you want to subscribe to them? What sorts of topics did they cover

BookTalks Quick and Simple

Friendly, voice but a little fuzzy (for a second). "Ace your research paper" by Gaines. Peaks interest for the book. Misspelled on website. I could see a parent getting this for a kid. Since I work at an academic library this k-12 podcast is not for me, but I applaud public and school librarians using them.

Shelf Life: Cornell University
Now this is one I would subscribe to but it's Cornell specific so I'm not sure. Audio quality was good. I listened to Susette Newberry discussing LibX, which was pretty good. Hard thing to describe (no visual) but the speaker did a good job and the modertor asked essentials :where do you get LibX, less trouble with the authentication system (easier off campus access). etc. As a librarian, I like it. Students... I hope so! I will share with a collegue who developed LibX at the University of North Texas.

Swilly Library Talking Points
Okay money (or food) talks when you're a student. So just to see how it was carried out (not planning to subscribe) I listed to the podcast Library Director responds to survey, announces $25 winner . Woah--she actually gave a couple of specifics about how to "address concerns." Good PR, telling patrons "prove to you that your opinions matter." Did a patron throw a tantrum? Hope not! The content of the podcasts varies from "What are you reading?" which is a cool idea, to contest winners. The audio quality was very good. The rock music in the beginning was hip...just tell people not to turn up their ipods too loud (been there, done that).

Mohawk college - Braincasts Podcast
Mohawk college? Heck yes I will give that a listen. Braincast 15 - Wild and Wonderful wikis. While I was expecting punk music, I heard some jazzy bass. The audio quality was okay, Sue sounded less echo-y than Larry but they may have done that on purpose. Not subscribing but maybe if I check out more tech tools they discuss I will change my mind. I do want some staff members to listen to this, muhahahah. I think 8 minutes may be too much for a I like her mock fear about people who don't know HTML editing wikis, but that is either because I'm a technie nerd or a librarian:)

nt23Q2: Do you think that podcasts be useful to your patrons? If so, what types of podcasts do you think would interest them? Post your thoughts to your blog.

Podcasts: some are enlightening and others are sleep-inducing. t sure if I could do better though. If they are helpful or interesting, as well as brief, they could be great for patrons. Podcasts of interest would introduce them to resources that can either assist them or make their library experience enjoyable (CDs, etc). I like the ones on technology because sometimes I find that people need a reason to PLAY even for a few minutes and I want to say, just try it, pleezzz

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