Friday, August 14, 2009

Thing 22: Developing your own 23 Things for your library

nt23 asks: Think about your own library for a moment. Perhaps everyone from your library participated in this program. Perhaps you are the only one. Regardless, write a paragraph about how you could adapt this program to increase the technology skill level among the staff at your library. Even if all staff at your library has gone through this program, there is so much more to be learned. It is not necessary to limit this to just library staff, however. For example, perhaps you are a librarian at a school. This type of program could be adapted for all the staff at your school.

I developed a set of condensed 23 things for University of North Texas. I encouraged people to partcipate in nt23 even if they didn't come to the workshops (and visa versa). What I did was identify several practical technologies for the academic library world. There were guest speakers (including a few slis students at UNT who assisted in order to having teaching experience). My only regret is that I wish something like this was mandated for the reference librarians, if not with one of us on their own. It's embarrassing if you say you hate facebook, delicious or blogs and never tried to use any of them, right? Anyone? Tee Hee.
1. Focus your list (library specific is best)
2. Invite/market your workshops (know your audience)
3. Create handouts (pdfs for macs please)
4. Have a instructors who want to teach or facilitate who also have patience or a passion for teaching technology skills. Note to participants that they don't have to endorse all the technologies.

Well overall it was a blast, and the participants left with blogs, wikis, flickr accounts, and ideas for use. You can find the blurb and the handouts (handouts should be incorporated for independent learners and distance students). The plan is to offer a similar series of workshops for students, faculty, and staff for the fall or spring semester. (My first round was limited to staff so they felt comfortable)

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